Do I get the same price as the other investors?

29 Nov 2018

Yes, the trades for all investors are executed simultaneously, to ensure that everyone gets the same best price available. A single tip might result in a multitude of trades, because in many instances a limit is hit and the prices change. The platform attempts to take the highest odds possible for all investors, but if the limits are lower than the total amount of all investments, only a certain percentage will be placed for each investor. Copytip will try to find acceptable prices for the remaining amount, achieving the same average price for all.

For instance, if there are two investors, one with 3000€ staked, another with 1000€, so the total is 4000€

Copytip starts placing the stakes and finds the best price at the moment to be 2.4, but the limit is only 3000€:

2250€ for Investor 1 will be staked at odds of 2.4

750€ for Investor 2 will be staked at odds of 2.4

The remaining amount (750€ for Investor 1 and 250€ for investor 2 will be outstanding - a total of 1000€). Next the price drops to 2.2 and limits are again 3000€.

This allows for the full outstanding amount to be placed (1500€ for Investor 1 and 500€ for Investor 2 will be staked at the odds of 2.2).

As a result:

Investor 1 has 2250€ staked at 2.4 and 1500€ staked at 2.2 - on average his price is 2.35 ((2250*2.4+1500*2.2)/3000)

Investor 2 has 750€ staked at 2.4 and 250€ staked at 2.2 - his average price is again 2.35 ((750*2.4+250*2.2)/1000)


All investors will get the same price over and over again provided they have enough funds and have not hit a maximum exposure/maximum loss threshold.