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    Make money from your sports knowledge. Up to 50% profit share.

Why join us?

If you’re a tipster, chances are others exploit your knowledge and you only get a fraction,
if anything at all, of what they earn.
If you know sports, you can make a lot by being a Sports Trader at Copytip.


There’s no need to leave Copytip. You post your tips here and the system will execute your personal trades with your selected amount at the best odds out there.


You simply place your bets, as you normally do in bookmakers, but get a cut of what investors profit with you. The higher the investors stakes and profits, the more you earn.


Your tips are not visible in real-time, but get automatically invested in. Thus investors only see their exposure with you, but don't know the exact selection before the bets are settled.


Focus on your tips. No need to be considerate of customers preferences. No need to communicate with investors or worry if they will pay you. We got that covered.

What do we offer?

Copytip is on a totally new level compared to traditional betting advice marketplaces. We eliminate all the deficiencies of the old platforms and introduce revolutionary new features like automatic copy-trading of bets and profit-share between tipsters and investors:

How to get started?

Open an account

Being a Sports Trader at Copytip is similar to using a traditional bookmaker. Just register and fund your account to have access to the offers of all leading Asian bookmakers.

Set a strategy

To be able to start placing your bets, you need to define at least one strategy. Sports Traders can have up to 3 active strategies at any time. When setting up a strategy, you have to choose the profit-share % you require your investors to pay (min. 10%, max. 50%). We recommend keeping the profit-share % low in the beginning to attract more investors. If your strategy turns very profitable and popular with investors, you can increase the profit-share % at any time.

Grow your stats

Tips are posted in a the same way you normally place bets in traditional bookmakers. Select the event, market and line. Assign the tip to the relevant strategy, set your real-money stake and the acceptable odds, and click on Place Tip. Once you have posted it, the system will automatically place first your staked amount and then the amounts of your investors (if any). All your bets will become public after settlement and your strategies will show real-money stats and profit/loss.

Earn more

You get 100% of what you earn with your tip - we won’t charge Sport traders anything for their own bets! In addition to that, you can get up to 50% of the profit you generate for your investors. The better your real-money stats and profits, the higher profit-share fee you can command from investors.