Copytip is the new way to to earn from sport betting - by profiting automatically from experts’ knowledge on sports. It’s a one of a kind platform - the first that brings fintech technology into the betting industry. By connecting the best sports experts with copiers seeking to increase their capital, we create a unique marketplace from which all can benefit.

Creating an account is simple and fast. Just register and follow the instructions to complete your profile.

Use one of the available options to deposit funds securely and you are ready to go.

Once logged in, a good place to start if you are a copier is the Copy Strategy directory. Here you will find real money strategies from experienced sports betting experts.

We suggest that you select a few strategies in order to diversify risk and insure against variance in the performance of individual Sports traders.

What is tip copying?

Once you have decided to copy a strategy, just click on the Copy button and configure your desired settings.

It is up to you to set your own stake relevant to the tipster real stake. Minimum amount to follow is x1 - same amount that tipster bets himself. You should also choose wisely your maximum exposure and stop-loss amounts and only risk money you can afford to loose.

When you are copying a strategy, the system will be placing for you all trades automatically according to your pre-defined settings.

You can at all times change the settings or stop following a strategy altogether.