How to set Copy Stake?

03 Jun 2019

Copy Stake is a parameter you set when copying a strategy. It refers to the amount you wish to invest for every tip placed by the tipster.Tipsters place bets with their own money and your Copy Stake is the amount you want the system to stake for you for every tip.

Copiers can choose between two types of placing their stakes - Leverage and Flat Stakes.



If you set the Leverage to x5, this means you want 5 times the stake of the tipster. If the tipster makes a tip staking 10€, the platform will attempt to place the same tip for you with 50€. Minimum Leverage is x1 (same stake as the tipster) and maximum is x100 (100 times the stake of the tipster).


Flat Stake

If you choose Flat Staking the platform will attempt to place the amount you have set regardless of the stake of the tipster for any given tip. If you set a 40€ flat stake and the tipster makes two tips, one with a stake of 20€ and one with 50€, the platform will try to place 40€ for each one of them for you.