Is there a minimum copy amount?

03 Jun 2019

Copytip offers two ways of copying a strategy: Leverage and Flat Stake.


Leverage Copying

You set the multiplier you wish to copy each 1€ the tipster places for a tip. It the tipster makes a tip with a stake of 30€ and if the leverage is set to x2, the platform will try to place 60€ for the Copier. Learn more about Copy Stake.


Flat Stake Copying

You set a Flat amount that you wish to be placed for each tip the tipster makes. Regardless of the tipster stake, the platfom will try to place the exact stake you have set up.

Also note that strategies might require a certain capital, in order to be able to copy them. Therefore, we recommend that you set your maximum exposure, based on the strategy statistics you are copying. Learn more about Maximum Exposure.