How much Profit Share do I get from my Copiers?

16 Jun 2020

COPYTIP aims to offer a revolutionary Profit Share model that allows successful tipsters to receive a fair pay proportional to the true profit achieved by each of their Copiers up to maximum of 30%.

Tipsters set their desired Profit Share % when they create a new Strategy. Profit Share is charged only from winning bets of Copiers and only in case the Achieved PSF % is less than the % set by the Tipster for the strategy. 

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Maximum Profit Share %  that a Tipster can command for his strategy is 30% and minimum is 10%.

Once set, the Profit Share % of a strategy can not be increased to prevent Copiers paying more than what they signed up for when started the copying.  Decrease of the Profit Share % of an existing strategy is possible and Tipsters can request it via the Help Desk.

For example:

A copier starts copying a Strategy that has set 25% Profit Share. His P/L (profit / loss) is 0 EUR and have paid 0 EUR Profit Share Fees. Now let's say the first tip is won and the copier gets a profit of 100 EUR. Now his P/L is 100 EUR, have payed less than 25% of it as Profit Share Fee, so 25% of this tip profit is charged. Now after first tip his P/L is 100 EUR and have paid 25 EUR profit share fee. Now let's assume the second tip (100 EUR stake) is lost and the copier's P/L is now 0 EUR (100 EUR - 100 EUR). If the 3rd tip is won and the profit is 100 EUR, the P/L goes to 100 EUR, but having already paid 25 EUR PSF the Achieved PSF will be 25% and is not less than the Strategy profit Share setting, so in this case the copier won't be charged Profit Share Fee and after those 3 tips his P/L will be 100 EUR with 25 EUR PSF paid. Now if the 4th tip is won with a profit of 100 EUR, the new P/L goes to 200 EUR, which makes the Achieved PSF 12.5% ( 200 / 25 ) and 25% from the tip's profit will be charged. So after tip 4 the P/L is 200 EUR with 50 EUR paid as PSF.