My investment has been stopped. What to do?

27 Nov 2018

If your funds have been exhausted or if your investment has hit a maximum exposure or a stop loss limit, copying the strategy is automatically stopped. No transactions will be fulfilled until the issue is resolved. Copytip will automatically send you an email identifying the reason and the necessary actions to take.

If your funds have been exhausted, you will need to deposit more funds to continue following the strategies. In case, the stop has been trigerred by hitting the maximum exposure or maximum loss limits, you will need to alter them to make them above the actual exposure/loss in order to continue with the particular investment.

To reactivate a strategy, you need to go to My Investments, manually change the limit that has been hit and click Resume Strategy for the strategy that you wish to resume.

Please note, if you have outstanding transactions -  money has been staked on a tip, but the tip has not yet been graded - the outcome of this transactions might influence your actual performance, available funds and the maximum exposure/maximum loss mechanism. For example, you might have hit a Maximum Loss at certain point and from that point on all copying of tips will be stopped. However, if the outstanding tip is graded as won and the amount puts you above the Maximum Loss limit, copying of tips will be resumed.